This is what we do

Giving deadstock fabric a second life

Circle Supply is your one-stop supplier of sustainable fashion and interior design items made of exclusive deadstock fabrics and materials.

From jackets and coats to cushions, decorative pillows and throws, we develop, design and manufacture sustainable fashion pieces........

Expand your sustainable collection

Customer benefits

By giving deadstock fabric a second life, our goal is to help our customers expand their collection of sustainable items, reach strategic sustainability goals and meet the increasing market demand for eco-friendly and ethical products.

We help our customers:

- Turn deadstock fabric into sustainable fashion and home décor items
- Expand their collections..........

Our services

Sustainable fashion and home décor - from idea to final product

Circle Supply manufactures fashion and interior design items from deadstock materials and offers to take on the entire development and production process - from design to final product.

We turn your ideas, concepts and designs into sustainable articles or help you design the exact style and item that completes your collection.

Our services include design, product development, construction and production as well as........

Let’s rescue deadstock fabrics

For a more sustainable future

Circle Supply specialises in sourcing deadstock fabric and material that would otherwise have ended up in landfill and turning it into fashion pieces and home décor items in close cooperation with our customers.

Manufacturing brand new fabrics requires an excessive use of resources and has a significant impact on the environment and consequently, using deadstock fabrics and materials is the more.........