We offer a wide and adaptable knitting service. We can knit client’s collection from our sustainable yarn or from client’s supplies.

Our yarn supply consists of upcycled regenerated yarns made from the industrial yarn waste gathered from upholstery fabric production and mixed with Norwegian wool. This blend is a 100 % wool blend and made to last. We also provide deadstock yarns procured from various industries. That is quality yarn that because of incorrect shade or discontinued line would have been thrown out or burned.

If specific yarn is required, we can develop a stable supply of upcycled yarn as we work with Italian and English experts in the field of regenerating fibers. We develop raw materials for spinning yarns from reliable sources. Reused fibers are obtained when pulling and carding wool waste. Hereby, the materials are taken back to fiber form and can be used for spinning of new yarn again.

In short, we are open and flexible to find the required solutions for clients to develop their sustainable knit collections. Saving resources and using raw-materials again and again.

Yarn upcycling process

We gather a good quality wool waste from upholstery fabric production and turn it into brand new regenerated wool yarn that could be repeatedly used to produce garments and home textile.

The process starts with pulling and carding wool waste to obtain fibers. After the materials are taken back to fiber form, they are used for spinning of new yarn. 

✓ Significally reduce wool waste. 

✓ Old materials can be turned into brand new products.

Reduce the emission of CO2 and other fossil fuel.

✓ Quality can be improved by blending with other types of wool. 

Our knit

- We offer to be your full service knitting supplier, we offer a range of recycled yarns which is being knitted at collaborations with our trusted Italian factories.

- We also offer a wholesale of our knitted apparel from A New Story collection. The collection includes knits for men and women produced from high-quality recycled wool.