Circle Supply is your one-stop supplier of sustainable fashion and interior design items made of exclusive deadstock fabrics and materials.

Our goal is to provide clients an ability to expand their collections with sustainable items, reduce impact on environment, reach strategic sustainability goals and meet an increasing market demand for eco-friendly and ethical products.

From jackets and coats to cushions, decorative pillows and throws, we develop, design and manufacture sustainable fashion pieces and home décor items for high-end brands, chain stores and designers.

Our services include design, product development, construction and production as well as material supply and sourcing. To simplify and optimise customer processes and procedures we also offer warehousing, transport and logistics.



We make patterns and provide clients with high quality samples in a timely fashion. We believe in spending considerable amount of energy on perfecting the sample, thus, our product development team will work in close cooperation with client and present recommendations for best possible shape, fit, design and material options for the product.


We are all about using supplies that are out here, thus we can offer a wide selection of high-quality fabrics, leather and regenerated yarn on stock. If our material bank does not contain the required design, colors or textures, we specialise in searching and sourcing deadstock material and fabric to meet the requirements.


The expertise in clothing and accessory industry allows us to provide a range of manufacturing possibilities. We can take all worries from client‘s hands and carry out project from design to a final product with a full package production service or we can offer cut-make-trim (CMT).

We have the ability to produce from 20pcs per style to thousands and more.


Without clothing and accessories, we also work with home textile. We can offer to produce various home

décor items such as pillows, throws, mats and blankets. Furthermore, we provide home textile renewal service where we produce and replace mattress covers, bench mattress cushions, chair covers and etc.