Circle Supply is a sustainable clothing and accessories producer that manufactures items from leftover materials. It's a Danish owned company with production base in Lithuania. It was founded by Mette Sviland and Lars Malte who lived in Lithuania for 15 years and here established and ran several companies.

After years in textile and furniture manufacturing business and seeing how much surplus is left behind, the idea of Circle Supply has arisen. A company that takes otherwise 'discarded' raw materials and gives them another chance. 

We are devoted to make a better use of deadstock materials and leftover products from textile and furniture industries. We are passionate about using redundant materials to create well designed and nicely crafted new pieces of clothing, accessories and interior items.

We have composed a team with the best from both worlds, combining design, marketing and sales talents from Denmark with production skills, workmanship and project management from Lithuania.


Let us do it for you.


To encourage more brands to utilize deadstock materials