Our services

Sustainable fashion and home décor - from idea to final product

Circle Supply manufactures fashion and interior design items from deadstock materials and offers to take on the entire development and production process

- from design to final product.

We turn your ideas, concepts and designs into sustainable articles or help you design the exact style and item that completes your collection.

Our services include design, product development, construction and production as well as material supply and sourcing. To simplify and optimise customer processes and procedures we also offer warehousing, transport and logistics.

We manufacture your items at our own sewing facility or in close cooperation with one of our carefully selected suppliers specialising in techniques such as knitting, leather works, stamping, or spinning.

Our knits are offered from a number of sustainable solutions. You may use our upcycled regenerated yarns made from the industrial yarn waste from upholstery fabric production, mixed with Norwegian wool. This blend is a 100 % wool blend and made to last.


We also offer deadstock yarns procured from various industries. Yarns which otherwise would have been thrown out or burned.


If you are looking for more regular productions of a stable supply of sustainable yarns we will work closely with you to develop such solutions. In co-operation with Italian and English experts in the field of regenerating fibers we develop raw materials for spinning yarns, made from reliable sources. Reused fibers are obtained when pulling and carding wool waste. Hereby the materials are taken back to fiber form and can be used for spinning of yarns again.

In short we will seek to find exactly the solution you will be looking for, to introduce your sustainable knit collection. Saving resources and using raw-materials again and again.


Our leather is off cuts from production of high quality office and home furniture. From production for renowned furniture brands where we stand ready to salvage the leftovers. When cutting patterns for a chair or sofa, you will inevitably have waste pieces which cannot be used for the product. But we can use it. We collect, sort, stamp, skive and prepare it for a new life. So your leather products can be produced from top quality leather pieces, saved from being shredded or burned.

Be ready for a variation in qualities, surfaces and colors but embrace the differences and the uniqueness of the products being produced.

Together with sustainability, craftsmanship and uncompromising quality are key values, and we always work closely with our customers to meet all product and design requirements and to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our services:

-  Design and product development

-  Construction and production

-  Material supply and sourcing

-  Sewing & knitting

-  Spinning

-  Leather works

-  Small and large batches

-  Warehousing, transport and logistics