Let’s rescue deadstock fabrics

For a more sustainable future

Circle Supply specialises in sourcing deadstock fabric and material that would otherwise have ended up in landfill and turning it into fashion pieces and home décor items in close cooperation
with our customers.

Manufacturing brand new fabrics requires an excessive use of resources and has a significant impact on the environment and consequently, using deadstock fabrics and materials is the more
sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

The fabrics and materials we use are sourced from international, high-end fabric manufacturers,
mills, designers and warehouses within the fashion and furniture industry. Our material bank
contains a comprehensive selection of exclusive deadstock fabric designs and materials ranging
from sustainable wool and recycled polyester to leather, yarns and fibres.
If our material bank does not contain the design, colours or textures you require for your design,
collection or purpose, we specialise in searching and sourcing deadstock material and fabric to
meet your specific requirements. We work with all types of fabrics, materials, yarns and textures
but are particularly specialised in wool and leather.

Your options

   -    Find your favourite deadstock fabric design in our extensive                   material bank

   -    Let us search and source deadstock fabrics and materials to suit           your specific design and purpose

   -    Bring your own deadstock fabric, and let us turn it into new items