We aim to prevent the excess of quality leather ending up in landfills, being shredded or burned. Instead, we use it to develop something new and exciting.

All our leather is off-cuts from production of high-quality office and home furniture gathered from renowned furniture brands. When cutting patterns for a chair or sofa, there inevitably will be waste pieces which cannot be used for the product. But we can use it. We collect, sort, stamp, skive and prepare it for a new life. 

We use leftover leather to create bags and backpacks for our own A New Story brand as well as to produce leather goods for clients' sustainable leather collections. 

We offer several leatherwork services: 

 - to develop leather products such as bags, clutches, wallets and keychains;

 - to take over the entire production process;

 - to produce goods from either client's supplied leather and PU or to supply leather from our deadstock collection. 

We offer leftover genuine leather, thus be ready for a variation in qualities, surfaces and colors - embrace the differences and the uniqueness of the products being produced.

Our leather products