From design to a final product

Circle Supply specializes in sourcing deadstock fabrics and materials, that would, otherwise, have ended up in a landfill, and turning them into fashion pieces and home décor items.


We offer an extensive sustainable fashion service that includes clothing and accessories production. Depending on client’s needs, we can provide product design and development service, make samples and patterns, offer CMT or full package production.  


Clients' goods are manufactured at our own sewing facility based in Lithuania or in close cooperation with one of our carefully selected suppliers specializing in techniques such as knitting, leather work, stamping, embroidery, transfer or spinning.


We work with new designers who want to do a trial clothing production and help out big chains that want expand their assortment with a sustainable collection.

Home textile production and renewal


Additionally, we offer home textile production and renewal service where we replace worn out-bench mattress cushions, chair covers, bed mattresses, throws, decorative pillows and etc. with new items produced from deadstock fabrics. This service is designed for businesses with high attendance rate such as hotels, guest houses, cruise boats, conference and party halls, 

Explore our deadstock fabric bank

The fabrics and materials we use are sourced from international, high-end fabric manufacturers, mills, designers and warehouses within the fashion and furniture industries. Our material bank contains a comprehensive selection of exclusive deadstock fabric designs and materials ranging from sustainable wool and recycled polyester to bouclé and sports fabrics.

Our apparel

In addition, we offer a wholesale of our apparel and accessories from A New Story collection. The collection includes wool coats, jackets, jumpsuits and pants for women as well as shopping and tote bags.