Let's rescue deadstock fabrics

Textile mills and garment factories typically leave large amounts of fabric known as deadstock behind. There are rolls of fabrics that originally were destined for something entirely different but never made it there. 

The fabrics and materials we use are sourced from international, high-end fabric manufacturers, mills, designers and warehouses within the fashion and furniture industry. Our material bank contains a comprehensive selection of exclusive deadstock fabric designs and materials ranging from sustainable wool and recycled polyester to leather, yarns and fibers. 

Manufacturing brand new fabrics requires an excessive use of resources and has a significant impact on the environment. By choosing deadstock materials we can contribute to a better future in several ways . To begin with, it's a way to reduce waste and save our planet from overflowing landfills. Also, by using existing fabrics instead of producing new ones we prevent carbon emission production and additional water pollution. 

Since our fabrics are leftovers, their quantities are limited but it can be quite a good thing. Having lesser amounts of particular fabric allows products to become more unique.

Fabric samples can be provided.

Your options


Choose your favourite deadstock fabric design from our extensive  material bank that currently includes over 200 fabrics. 


We specialise in sourcing deadstock materials, thus 

let us search for fabrics that suit your specific design and purpose. 


If you already have your own deadstock fabric, bring it to us and let us turn it into new exciting items.